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    Question Compiling for Release on PPC Architecture
    I have just completed a C++ utility (no gui). I would now like to compile it for use on other computers. I set the Xcode "active build configuration" for "release", but the application that was in the "Release" folder did not run properly. The copy in the "debug" folder did run, however.

    I copied this application from the debug folder to a different computer with a different architecture. The program was developed on an Intel mac and I want to run it on a PPC G3. When I launched the application, it exited with a complaint about being the wrong processor. The build settings are set for "32-bit universal" and the valid architectures are VALID_ARCHS = i386 ppc ppc64 ppc7400 ppc970 x86_64, according to build settings.

    I would appreciate any help you can provide.


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    For problem 1 (release build doesn't run right): when a release build doesn't work right even though the debug build does, it is often a bug with some variable that is uninitialized. Release builds may not initialize things by default the same way that debug builds do.

    For problem 2 (debug build not working on a PPC): check which configuration those build settings were for, and check if the "Build for Active Architecture Only" option is selected (which I believe it is by default for debug builds). I'd guess the latter is giving you an Intel-only debug build.

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