Well i just installed MacPorts on my new Macbook pro, and i downloaded the
ruby port using sudo port install ruby.
ok so... how do i use it? when i type "ruby helloworld.rb" it runs it using
the 1.8.6 that came with Leopard, not the 1.8.7 that MacPorts installed....
...or at least I think so, since when i typed "ruby --version" it said 1.8.6.

I am using bash. How do i make it so that when i type "ruby" it looks in the
MacPorts directory and when i type "man ruby" it looks at the right page
(even though they may be identical)?

I am a UNIX/bash noob as well, as a MacPorts noob. I dont even know where in the /opt directory (for MacPorts) the ruby installation went...

I would appreciate any help, even something like "try posting over at [other site]" although the MacPorts forums are not very friendly at all.