Hi there,

I am just beginning to do some development on an iMac for the first time.
Up until now I have been primarily a Linux guy.

I am writing a small application that talks to a proprietary USB device. This is a very simple application with no user-interface.

I am porting this application from Linux.

What I need to know is how to detect when the device is connected, and then take a specific action (.e.g run a script that will load the firmware into the device)

Under Linux there is a capability called 'udev'. When a device is connected to the system, USB, or otherwise, a rule which you have previously placed in a device specific rules file is executed and that rule enables you to perform a specified action. In my case this action is to write a script which loads the firmware into my device.

Can someone tell me how to achieve the same thing under Darwin/MaxOs 10.4 ?

Thank You much