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    terminal fonts in mac
    I am in the process of switching from Ubuntu Linux to Mac OS X.

    For coding I used terminal or xterm(black) in Ubuntu and I loved the fonts in the terminal. My eyes are so used to those fonts out there that I find it so hard to work in "terminal" of mac which doesn't have those fonts.

    Did you guys have the same issue ever ?

    Can you share what terminal font and color scheme is popular in OS X.

    Every answer is greatly appreciated.



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    You can use any font you want in Terminal, if it's installed. Just don't disable Monaco. Terminal won't work without it.
    Find a font you like that's truetype and install it. Personally, I just use Monaco.
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    On any platform, you should stick to the fixed-width, or monospaced, fonts in the Terminal. Examples would be Monaco, Courier, and Lucida Console. Terminals require consistent letter width, and the Apple terminal will have to pad out variable-width fonts if you try to use them.

    If you really miss a particular font from your old system, just copy it over and use that.

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    If you have custom fonts in .fonts and configured in .Xdefaults, then you'll need to use xterm. I don't use Terminal in Mac OS X anyway. I generally need X running, so I fire up and use xterm.
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