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    g++ compiler
    Ok, so I know everyone has asked this question and it has been answered many times but my question (I believe) is a little specific. I want the c/c++ compilers BUT I do NOT want to download xcode. Is there any way to do that? And, just so no one asks me, I don't want to download xcode because it is a garbage IDE and it takes up a whole gig of memory. Anyways, if anyone can answer my question without giving me crap about my IDE preference, or busting my balls about coding in c++ (which is clearly the most awesome language to program in) then hats off to ya.


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    g++ compiler
    i want to download g++ compiler

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    If you are just looking for a C++ compiler, i use Eclipse, i'm not sure about your G++ thing though but check out eclipse anyway its free and fairly easy to use. home
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    Eclipse isn't a compiler, simply an IDE. If you are looking to install a compiler, you will have to install the Xcode dev tools. They are available on your install discs or, for a more recent version, you can download it from the Apple dev site here. You will have to create an account.
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