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    I know some of you have already heard about this, but there's this project called "Darwine" which, when fully developed, may make it so people like us could run Windows programs on our computer.

    Here's its website:

    I think this could be quite useful, actually. But I really don't understand it one bit! Thankfully, I know there are people on this board who do understand it. I'm going to try putting it on my computer, and if I need help with anything, I'll post it here, OK?

    Anyway, you guys should check it out too! As I said, it could be quite useful, especially for those of us who don't own a PC.

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    The question is, who would want to run slow, buggy PC programs on their Macs?

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    Looks like another "pearpc" type thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun89
    Looks like another "pearpc" type thing...
    The difference is, PearPC is a full blown emulator (except, they're trying to emulate the entire PPC architecture on x86)

    Wine and Darwine create an emulation layer that mimics certain aspects of an operating system to coerce an application to run.

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    Looks like a really handy program(or at least idea) for the odd times that you have a program that will only run in windows. I installed the first beta when it came out but couldn't really do much with it then they updated it but it wasn't possible to install the new beta over the top of the old one so I kind of gave up at that point. Has anybody got any programs to work in it yet ?

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