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    MS-DOS batch file equivelent on OSX
    I written a foundation tool which I've been testing by hand typing the command in the Terminal. Now I'm happy that my application works fine, I want to write a script that will execute my tool and I would like to execute it by double clicking an icon (like an MS-DOS batch file).

    I've read bits 'n pieces by googling and found a direction I can take. I can type my command into an ".sh" file. Going down this route however still didn't give the double click launch. I still had to go to the terminal and execute the script.

    Can someone kindly point me in the right direction with this?

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    If you need a shell script to be wrapped around your tool, you can use AppleScript to run the script, by creating an AppleScript something like the following in Script Editor and then saving it as an Application (which will give you a GUI icon to launch the script):

    tell application "Terminal" to do script "~/bin/"

    If you haven't done anything with AppleScript before, here's a series of web pages that should get you started: AppleScript: Beginner's Tutorial

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