(not sure that this is the right forum - but my questions deal also with basic features of port management on macs)

I have returned to mac about 1,5 years ago. The main relevant thing to me, very hard to adapt, was the lack of an equivalent-to-putty utility, where I can comfortably define tunneling ports, e.g., access some FTP server trough a SSH tunnel protection. I am using the command line on Terminal that defines tunnels on linux with ssh, but this is quite annoying. Also, I found several clients FTP for mac, but none, either free or paid at reasonable fee, were as comfortable as the old filezilla or the shareware version of SSH for pc. None combining ssh, tunnelings definitions, sftp ad ftp - all in one.
This must be my one ignorance but is there anyone that knows at least some "putty for mac" that manage ports opening so easily?
Thanks in advance.