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    Dec 06, 2008
    Finding ANY file on OS X
    I need a simple way to find ANY file within my Mac.
    That includes hidden files and files that are normally hidden
    from the finder such as in /usr/local, etc.

    Common desktop applications like the Finder's 'find' command and FileSpot application don't work: they only find files that the Finder sees.

    Is there any simple desktop application where I can just put in a string and do a global search to reveal its path?

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    Recommend this one if you don't already have it for maintenance.
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    Dec 06, 2008
    I downloaded EasyFind; am familiar with DEVON (got Agent & Think).
    EasyFind prefers that I start specific: point to a base directory. I tried global volume, took long and missed the planted target file. Narrowing down the search to parent directory worked.

    Now playing with Onyx.

    Thanks again for the info!


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    Mar 11, 2007
    pathfinder is very good but not free

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    Dec 02, 2008
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    The find command that is native to Unix will find anything you want, and if you pipe it with grep you can find any file with anything inside that file.

    type man find in the terminal to learn how to use it.

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    is there any program that can replace command F with any of these apps?

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