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    Question Translation of Iris script into Darwin

    I am trying to install a utility called EGS_Windows in Darwin and it comes with an installation script for the old Iris system. This utility is normally installed in Linux, and I have the linux installer script as well. Anyhowm I try to run the script by:

    make -f Makefile.iris
    make -f Makefile.Linux

    Both of these return a long error message that I have attached to see if any can give me any word of advice on how do I start translating the iris script into something Darwin can understand in order to install the utility.

    Thanks a lot

    PS: the Iris.txt and the LINUX.txt are the response I get from Darwin whe I run the scripts
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    That's not going to work. You need the actual source files to even start trying to convert to Darwin. (you DO have xcode installed right?)
    Would bet it needs X11 also.
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