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bcarpenter 11-13-2008 10:58 PM

Adding Header File for C++ Program in Xcode
Hi all,

I've been using Microsoft Visual Studio for my basic C++ class at Ucla. I know how to create a project and everything, but am confused about which folder to add a header file.

In visual studio, there is a "Header Files" folder right above the "Source Files" folder in which you can add your header files.

In Xcode, there is no such folder. Where do I add my header file?

Under the "Documentation" or "Products" folder perhaps?

Thanks for your help,


bcarpenter 11-14-2008 12:36 AM

i think i got it, is this the correct location? the header file i was tying to add is cards.h .

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it doesnt look like the picture wants to show up, but its Picture 1.jpeg once you click on the link.

mystic_fm 11-14-2008 07:07 PM

Sorry, I won't visit the link you provided (particularly since MediaFire shows many reports of popups and browser exploits on SiteAdvisor).

In all of the smaller Xcode projects I've encountered, header files are usually dumped into both the same physical folder and the same "project group" as their corresponding implementation files (i.e., either "Classes" or "Other Sources", whichever is appropriate). However, there's nothing constraining you from categorizing things in the project differently if you wish. At a minimum, you could easily add a "Header Files" project group to "virtually" separate the header files if that would make things feel more familiar to you.

(Ignore the next two paragraphs if they are too confusing.)

You could go a step further and also create a separate physical location for those files. In this case, just remember that the compiler for each source file needs to be able to find the referenced header files, so if you have them physically separated, you must either specify a relative path to those header files in your #include (or #import) directives, or else add each of the header file folders to the "user header search path" in the project's build settings.

By the way, you could also organize your header files differently in Visual Studio if you wanted to ... the default project organization that VS gives you is not cast in stone either.

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