Okay, here's a brief summary of my predicament ...

About three years ago, I bought a modification for my digital video camera from an upstart company.
(A great mod that allowed you to access the pure, uncompressed digital images of the image sensors before they got compressed down and recorded to miniDV tape.)

Unfortunately the company was bought out about a year ago by an unknown buyer, and any further updates to my Camera Modification, including the software, had been indefinitely discontinued/canceled. The founder & developer of the technology, who was a smart, helpful & vocal person on costumer forum has all but disappeared from the face of the earth after the buy-out - leaving behind no official goodbye or closure to the venture. All the while leaving the few dozen costumers twirling in the wind for a year with their investment.

Finally, after much downtime, a few of us came together and started our own forum & started talking about the redevelopment of the technology & software. And I just WELCOME the idea! Now here's my predicament:
I know nothing about mac development or mac programming what-so-ever (neither do most of them).

-- I have no idea where to begin.

now. Is there anyone out there who is willing to look at the software & point us into the right direction? The software is very small mac app that I can link you guys up to here. http://www.reel-stream.com/SculptorHD_v110b1.zip

Could anyone please help?
Thank you and cheers!