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    compiling for complete noobs please :)
    Hi all
    I'm trying to get Xbeach to run on my OS X 10.4, apparently I need to compile GCC 4.0.3 first, then it will allow meto compile G95 and that in turn should allow me to compile and run Xbeach... Great, except when I try "make" or "build" Darwin blinks at me and says there are no such commands.
    Can any of you help, or is there a "dummies guide" you could recommend?
    Thanks Kami

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    You don't need to compile gcc. You need to install xcode from your install dvd, or download it from Apple Developer. Even if you don't use the xcode app itself, the compiler and the libraries will be there.

    Is this xbeach an OS X app or an x11 app?
    If X11, you need to install that and the sdk too.
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