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    Question Core Audio AudioQueueEnqueueBufferWithParameters
    (I have to say that I am quite new to Core Audio.)
    I am trying to use AudioQueueEnqueueBufferWithParameters function so I can enqueue buffers corresponding a certain time, like song navigation.
    (suppose a have a GUI time line, (for example UISlider) and I want to be able to go to any audio's position in time, so I can enqueue the corresponding buffers to that time and enqueue them to be played -> As far as I understand this can be accomplished by using AudioQueueEnqueueBufferWithParameters)

    For example in iPhone speakHere project > AudioPlayer.m > playbackCall function
    there is

    AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer (
    			([ player packetDescriptions ] ? numPackets : 0),
    			[ player packetDescriptions ]
    but I want to have more control so I would use

    UInt32 inTrimFramesAtStart, inTrimFramesAtEnd;
    AudioQueueTimelineRef myOutTimeline; 
    AudioQueueCreateTimeline(inAudioQueue, &myOutTimeline); //is this correct?
    			([player packetDescriptions] ? numPackets : 0),
    			[player packetDescriptions],
                            inTrimFramesAtStart,  //???????
                            inTrimFramesAtEnd,    //???????
                            0,  //since I am not passing any parameter
                            NULL,  //since I am not setting any parameter
                            NULL,  //ASAP
                            &myOuTimeline, //something tells me that is not good
    As you can see this function's parameters are incomplete.
    I have read the documentation but I still cannot get what the heck put inside inTrimFramesAtStart and inTrimFramesAtEnd and &myOutTimeline

    Can any one explain me kindly? I would be very pleased.
    Thanks in advance.

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    audio timeline

    I'm working on a similar problem. Did you find a solution? If so, any links, references, etc. wd be appreciated.


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