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Thread: xcode question

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    xcode question
    ok, so before i start, i'm probably one of the biggest xcode noobs ever, cause i just started.
    so question one: i am making an addon program for a virtual game. the game uses custom URL's ( vside:/ ) to forward the user to a specific location. I think they use libcurl/cURL, although i could be wrong. I want to know if/how i can set each respective action to send the "vURL" to the program when the respective button is clicked.
    Question 2: how could i go about having a button, when clicked, open the default internet browser and direct it to a specific website.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

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    Jul 02, 2008
    Dude sorry to tell u, but this forum sucks. ive posted alot of questions, none of which have been answered, all about xcode. Noone has helped me at all, im gonna find some other forum to post in, i recommend you do to. They call this the "ultimate forum for mac" jeez i could make a wa better forum with all the time theyve spent on this...

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