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Thread: cocoa and pop3

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    cocoa and pop3
    I'm trying to develop an app that uses apple's kiosk mode and am stuck during authentication.

    I have the gui ready and a class grabbing the username and password and it prints the value to console when you press login.....

    We authenticate people via their library email address.

    What I need is a piece of code that will return true if an email address and password is valid and return false if it isnt. This will be checked explicitly, by

    Since I am developing in Cocoa, I would like to know if there is some cocoa pop3 login code out there or any open source app (other than thunderbird or gnumail) where i can just borrow a few lines of code to achieve this.

    Perhaps, even using telnet on port 110 and try to check authentication from there.....the server is the sun iplanet email messenger...


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    Sep 24, 2008
    Hey, jmndos, I have a solution for you.

    Telnet just uses regular tcp sockets.

    Just write a function that makes a connection with you mail server on your pop3 port, probably 110.

    The connection does not require a password.

    When you log in, you start of by issuing user [username], that will either respond with an ok or an error message and then issue a pass [pass] and then you get an ok or an error. Checking for those responses should be enough to verify identity. This should be faster than most wrappers, because since your just checking for authentication, you can return false immediately after you fail the username....

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