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    Help!! Incredibly basic Xcode Tools Question
    Hello all and thanks in advance,

    I'm trying to learn in preparation for a class I'll have to take later this year. I downloaded Xcode and created a new C file. I named it test.c and it also created test.h (anyone know why that is?). I then entered the following text:

    int main()
    printf("Hello there world!");

    return 0;

    and then I saved it. This is where I am stuck. I cannot figure out how to run the program. There is a tab up top that says "Run" but any choice that looks good is grayed out. I would appreciate any advice on how to run this program, as well as any other advice you have for someone learning C with nothing more than basic HTML experience. Thank you!!

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    Choose Xcode-File-NewProject-Command Line Utility-Standard Tool
    name it and save.
    on the left side in column 'Groups & Files' disclose 'Source'. there you find your main.c
    on the lower right side you see the generated code. type 'Build & Go' -- that's it!

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