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    PYTHON PROGRAMMERS!!! how do i compile/run linux-based python code on OS X
    any experienced programmers know what i can do to set up my osx so i can write python - i know osx supports python.. but my univ is being gay, we're learning to write python for the linux os... osx is based on bsd.. linux isn't.. i had some mac wiz tell me that linux is based on gnu while osx is bsd.. he suggested i run linux on my mac.. but i dont want to do that.. another option is via terminal and ssh to the school's inux server - dont want to do that either.. i want to full advantage of my pbook - but he said i need to learn how to create makefiles (that has linux and bsd targets) and write portable code << i doubt i'll be able to do that since i'm totally new to python..

    so any experience programmer have any suggestions as to what i can do? any help will do - i dont start writing python till january..

    thanx in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkny
    but my univ is being gay
    Will your University only sleep with other Universities?

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    In my experience you only need Python installed in your Mac.
    And that's it. Python scripts are platform independent, at least
    as far as my experience goes. I have developed some scripts
    in my PowerBook which i run in Linux, and viceversa.
    No problems with compiling because Python compiles on
    run time. So your problem does not exist!

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    Linux isn't based off of GNU, it just uses GNU utilities. Linux is just the kernel. BSD is based off of UNIX, but so is Linux. Both BSD and OSX use GNU utilities. They also all use other open source utilities such as Python. If you open up a terminal in OSX (or console, I forget what they call thier command line) and type "python" you will get the little ">>>" python prompt and have access to the python interpreter. If that isn't enough, or missing for whatever reason then you can download a python IDLE at

    If you want to write re-usable Python scripts instead of just writting things into the interpreter, then you are going to need a text editor such as VI or Pico. I know these editors are out there for mac. If you are going to need to keep up with people using Linux, then I recommend you get Fink as it gives you access to alot of GNU programs.

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    There is absolutely nothing to worry about, you couldnt write a python program that works on linux but not OS X even if you tried.
    Well, unless you wrote a python module in C or something

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