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    Question Need help with advanced Objective-C and NSComboBox
    Hi everyone, I am making a program that converts just about anything, and I am making the part where it converts length as in, Standard Units and Metric Units.

    I made an NSComboBox in Interface builder, I just need a little step by step on what to do from there. Here is how I need it to work:

    1. Choose Dropdown from the Window to choose your selection. (Lets say Inches to Meters)

    2. Type the amount you want converted in an NSTextField (Editable)

    3. Click Convert

    I know all the Math you need to do to do this, to turn an inch into a meter you need to Multiply it by 2.54 then multiply the answer by 0.01.

    This is what I have for "Length.m"

    #import "Length.h"
    @implementation Length
    @synthesize I2M;
    - (float) inchesToMeters {
        return (self.I2M * 2.54) * 0.01;

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    bump, anyone?

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