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    Exclamation X11 Won't Open - Please Help!
    Here's my problem, I am running a MacBook 2.16 GHz Intel Core Two Duo with 2GB Memory. I recently upgraded to Leopard from Tiger, then upgraded in one shot from OS 10.5 to 10.5.4 (I hear that can affect things if you don't upgrade incrementally). However, whenever I try to open X11, one of 4 things happens.

    1) Two X11 icons appear in my dock, one sits still with the blue dot below it (signifying its open) and the other keeps bouncing up and down as if it's loading (this keeps going on forever. Then when I try to switch to X11 from my current application, both disappear.

    2) The same problem as above, but when I click on one, I can switch to the application, but there is no window open, nor can I open one (can you usually just go File>New Window or Shell?).

    3) Nothing happens.

    4) The X11 icon pops up in my dock for a split second, then disappears.

    P.S. problems 1 and 2 occur when I try to open X11 using an applescript, and 3 and 4 are generally when I try to open from the finder.

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    Go to Utilities and see how many copies of X11 are installed. If only one, suggest trash it using AppTrap or similar, and install again from the install DVD using a program called Pacifist.

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    Didn't Work
    I tried that, it did nothing, but thanks for the great app and for trying.

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