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    Jul 09, 2008
    Darwin issues, ive tried most things, any advice greatly appreciated!
    Hi all,

    Im having a bit of an issue with my macbook pro...

    Its a new machine (to me anyway, i brought it second hand so apple warranty is out of the question I havent even got round to getting apple care yet!), as I was adding my music to my new itunes the machine hung, so i left it for a while... still hanging, left it for half hour and it was still hanging, so I forced a shutdown. Now it only boots as far as Darwin!

    I have entered my master user name and password into Darwin and it accepts them, but does nothing!

    I have also tried booting in single user mode and trying a number of things I have found on the net and on here, but i still cant get anything to work.

    If I run fsck -fy in single user I get a few lines with no errors and **The volume Macintosh HD appears OK.

    If I run only fsck -y (so not forcing the check of journalled areas) I get the error messages...

    Vpd: Cannot read VPD keys

    PNMI GetStruct failed

    Im a bit lost here now, can anyone help?

    I had the hard drive die on my old powerbook, but that was far more drastic than whats happening here. So im hoping its just a software issue that can be reolved.

    At the end of the day I have all my work and photos on my old powerbook so will still only lose my music if I need to reformat, but is there any other way around this?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Jul 09, 2008
    Is there anything I can do from Darwin? As I can get logged into that? But cant find any info on command lines for Darwin anywhere. Im a bit new to the inner workings of a mac so forgive me if Im being simple here.


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    Jul 09, 2008
    Ok Ive got somewhere further now...

    I can run diskutil from Darwin, I checked permissions and got a long list of Library/flash player..... and something else along those lines, but all regarding flash player, which I had just installed before the macbook died. So Im guesing that flash player is the issue.

    Can I remove flash player through Darwin?

    Also though, while verifying the permissions I get the message...
    parent directory ./Users/Shared/SC Info does not exist


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    i personally know nothing, but, im sure the guys down in the DARWIN FORUM can help you

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    Jul 09, 2008
    thanks gosine, is that a sub forum on here?
    or elsewhere on the net. Sorry, but Im new to these parts

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