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    xcode question

    I am a C programmer.

    I have a C program that runs in Xcode, but I'd like to put the functionality into GUI. I know Xcode has many languages it supports and C++ is one of them. And Interface Builder looks great, although a little confusing

    I don't know much about object oriented programming... but I'd like to just put some of this code behind a few buttons, open up a File Open dialouge etc.. nothing too fancy.

    Does it seem like xcode/IB is the right thing to use here? How else can I make this code run in a GUI?


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    A basic GUI application is very easy to put together using XCode and IB, although you will probably find it simpler to use Objective-C rather than C++. You might be able to get started by looking up a few Cocoa programming tutorials on the web, or find a good book on the subject.

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