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    ssh to linux box.
    I am interested in putting my old x86 machine in a network that my Mac controls. I know that RDC can control Windows but with Linux I'm a little lost. I would think that an ssh through terminal would suffice but would that just call up a program or could I see the entire desktop GNOME environment.

    Also would I have to have a router or could I do a single ethernet cord from the Mac to the sony VAIO? The airport or similair product seems like a bit much but I am new to networking.

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    Some of the things here are a little over my head but I run a Debian NAT Router/Firewall/Printer server - all controlled by SSH from my Mac (terminal).

    If you log in as su or root you should get the whole box and dice...

    Debian box is a Pentium 120 clunker - does the job quite well though can be very frustrating when chasing port forwarding issues in iChat/iSight... (iptables)


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