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Thread: Which TTY for USB?

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    Question Which TTY for USB?
    I'm attempting to write a simple C program that reads input from my USB which I have a serial to USB converter connected to. How do I know which TTY file to open under Dev?

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    May 27, 2008
    Update: It seems my whole problem is not identifying which is the correct TTY since it seems my Apple is not recognizing the USB->Serial at all. I've installed Prolific PL2303 driver, however the adapter is still not being seen. I've downloaded QuickTerm and ZTerm and both don't see the connector so I know its not my code. Anyone have any ideas? Granted this is no longer a strict programming question.

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    How to use USB/Serial adapter?
    Usually serial devices are represented by Unix "device files." To find the device file(s) for your USB/Serial adapter, try using commands like these in the Terminal application:

    ls -l /dev/tty*
    ls -l /dev/cu.*

    If you don't find any device files for your USB/Serial adapter, make sure you have installed the software required by your USB/Serial adpater. Often, that kind of support is provided by a "Kernal Extension."

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