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Thread: Networking from single user mode

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    Unhappy Networking from single user mode
    I have a slot-loading iMac sans FirwWire that is not booting into OSX, but I can boot into single user mode. I would like to connect to another computer on my network in order to off load some files before monkeying around trying to fix the system. I can't use target disk mode due to lack of FW. But I thought I could turn on network services (/sbin/SystemStarter) and use SSH, but this does not work. Does anyone know if this can be done, or if not perhaps another way to transfer files off without taking the drive out and hooking it up to another machine?

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    have you tried mount_ftp (/sbin/mount_ftp) to mount the network disk on the mac (errr.. i guess without the GUI its a nixStation)?

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