Hi all! I am quite new to the world of Mac.

On Windows, I am used to writing C++ code in DLL format, and then calling functions from the DLL in the simulation software LabView.

As I am now moving to a Mac environment, I needed to learn how to create the Mac equivalent of DLLs. The Mac LabView documentation states that my code must be encapsulated in the form of a Framework to be used in LabView.

So I set about learning how to write a C++ Carbon Framework, which I think I have successfully done (my .framework 'file' compiles correctly and contains the functions I need to use).

It would be nice now if I could create a very basic C++ console application which can call functions from the framework to test them. However, following these instructions has not worked for me: Link.

Firstly, it says that the framework should include a header. Mine does not. I don't know why, never mind what to put in it should I have to make one!

Secondly, when I go to compile I get the following error: "error: SenSys: no such file or directory". (SenSys is the name of my framework, which has been added to the Xcode project via the "Add to Project..." menu.

Could someone please shed some light? I simply want to call a basic function from a basic framework file for use in a basic console app!