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I am pleased to announce that my AppleScript book, published by Apress Books, is available for sale and is currently shipping.
This 888-page book has contributions by Shirley Hopkins, Emmanuel Lvy and Mark Munro, and the superb technical editing was the work of Bill Cheeseman.
The book is intended to be a sort of an AppleScript Bible, covering almost every aspect of AppleScript in depth and great detail, using hundreds of sample scripts.

I hope you enjoy it!

Link to the book on my website (you can download hundreds of scripts shown in the book):

Link to the book on Amazon.com:

Here's a bit of info about the book:
Another book about AppleScript? No, not really; this is the book about AppleScript. There are enough books that either summarize the language or just touch on the basics; this one is written for real people who need to use AppleScript to get real things done.
This book starts from the scripters point of view. It is organized based on the way the scripter uses the language, and pulls together all aspects of the language that pertain to that subject.
It starts with some in-depth introductory chapters on subjects such as variables, lists, and values, to explain the language to beginners and intermediate users. From there, it goes into subjects such as text manipulation, working with files, creating interfaces, and more. These subjects are explained and organized from a functional real-world viewpoint; after all, Hanaan has been writing scripts for a living for almost ten years, and knows which subjects are important, what commands get used, and where you should be careful. Most chapters end with a summary that reiterates the important commands, properties, and other facts covered therein. This helps you get information quickly when you need it.
The book also gets into advanced topics, but instead of being written in a way that excludes beginners and leaves advanced users wanting more, it takes a different approach: every subject is given background and basic exercises to allow beginners to figure it out. Then, the text explores the core of the matter, and looks at the subject from all possible angles, emphasizing the important issues. This book allows you to get what you need to be a better scripter, whether you create automated systems for a living, or just want to make a little less work for yourself and make life more fun in the process!

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