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    C++ compiler (terminal)
    hey im new to mac, just got it yesterday. but ive been learning c++ on windows and i used visual c++. so for my mac i downloaded xcode but it seemed really complex for my menial programs and i didnt like how you couldnt compile a file-only projects.

    so i downloaded textwrangler and i wrote a c++ program (copied from book) and i dont know how to compile it in terminal.

    on windows i use the code: cl/EHsc filename.cpp but obviously this is not windows

    so if anyone can tell me the coding to compile and execute a c++ program, please do so. thank you very much in advance

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    in terminal I normally issue something like

    g++ -v -Wall program.cpp -o OutPutFileName

    a quick man g++ will give you all the options
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    Hi, you can create a new project through command line utility->C++ Tool, then if you want monitor the output you can open Console in menu->run->Console. This solution is just for C++ programs using standard library only.

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