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    Question Problems installing program through terminal

    I'm quite new to Mac, so forgive me if i sound like a newb :-)
    I wish to install the Deluge BitTorrent client. First of all I installed Macports and made it run smooth. But then I ran into a problem when I should install Deluge. I can post the log, and then I would appreciate any help:

    Hope that someone knows what to do

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    Why are you installing through Terminal?
    You're making things more difficult than they need to be.
    There are plenty of bitTorrent apps that are simple drag & drop installs. That, or they come with an installer that will do this for you.

    My advice would be to look for one of those.
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    Some reasons
    First of all - thank you for the quick answer

    First of all - I know plenty of BitTorrent programs with a single .dmg-file that you mount and install from. But the reason why I'm so interested in getting this to work is that I'm going to know the "world in terminal". I'm a chessplayer, and just installed x-board through terminal, so therefore i wanted to know why i can't get this to work. I have to work with chess-engines in terminal too, so it's just to learn

    But maybe you are right

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    in the log, there are several libs that are missing, fix the missing libs, then try to reinstall. It should work

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