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    Question C++ in terminal
    Hi everyone,

    I'm really new to everything, I just started using the terminal about a week ago and yesterday I started a c++ course in uni.
    I'm don't even know if this is the right forum but my terminal says "Welcome to Darwin" so I figured the clue is in the title...

    I'd like to try the things we do at uni at home with my mac, but I have a few problems getting everything to run.

    At uni we use solaris and also work via a terminal.

    To open a new file with an editor we either type

    emacs also opens in the terminal, but it looks really different and I can't figure out how to save a file or anythiing else for that matter (please don't laugh..)

    I think I managed to somehow create a file anyhow, but I can't compile the program with g++ (in uni we just use
    g++ -c

    I've read that there is supposed to be some gcc compiler in the terminal, but how does it work?

    I'd really like to use the terminal for these things and I don't want to get started with xcode yet, because I want to keep things similar to what we do at uni.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Check whether you have g++ compiler installed.
    Open the Terminal, type g++ -v and hit return.
    This should provide you information on g++. If it is not giving any output, install xCode. That should provide all the tools that you need.

    To compile
    g++ -o helloworld (this will create an executable file with the same name)
    ./helloworld (this should execute the helloworld)

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    The compiler wasn't installed. It's working fine now.

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