Hello all, I just joined, after finally purchasing a modern iMac core 2 duo. I had a clunker G3 for my daughter's internet surfing, but decided to get myself a nice system to see what all the hype is about. So far, I'm in love!

Anyway... with all this rain we're having here in the east and just moving in a house that is on a major creek, I'm looking for an application to help me out. I've done some searching, but can't come up with anything. I'm looking for something that could trigger an email alert when a specific decibel level is reached. I have a basement water monitoring alarm so that if the water reaches a sensor, it sounds an alarm like smoke detector. It is 125 decibels so it can be heard throughout the house. The iMac is near the basement door, so I'm sure it could pick up the alarm with the threshold set at a high enough level to not have false positives. Is anyone aware of such a piece of software?

My longer term plan is to use an old clunker, throw a flavor of Linux on there, and hook up a cheap webcam to check in on the basement. It'll also be hosting a live stream of the creek to the web for others to watch. I could go with the home automation route, but it is cheaper to just do the webcam (and more fun).