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    Feb 26, 2008
    G3/500 Won't play divx or xvid files.
    so i have acquire myself a 12' G3/500 with 256mb 8mb Vram. Dual Usb Combo Drive. With this setup i am not able to get it to play any divx or xvid files even when i try to convert them to .mov files. do u guys have any recommendations to help me along with this. this ibook has a broken ac adapter so i am force to buy a new one or mod it and fix it somehow. i really dont want to spend anymore money on this since i need the money to save up for a mbp. i know i can get more ram but man the ram for this thing is ridiculously expensive. i have dled divx and xvid codecs for quicktime and dled vlc and mplayer. quicktime gives me audio only and so do vlc sometimes. i get a ffmeg error with vlc saying computer might be too slow. mplayer just crashes whenever i try to execute the program so i just uninstalled it. any suggestions is appreciated.

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    Feb 26, 2008
    so i found a way that actually works. here are the specs i used and the program but i wish there was a way that i didnt have to convert anything to watch some quick episodes of big bang theory.

    Magic Video Converter v8.0.3.18
    .avi to .mov(.h263)
    Quick Time - Standard Quality (H.263;AAC - 128) profile

    i went in and change the video bitrate up from 1500 to 4600 and audio from 128 to 256 for higher quality and better sound. when in full screen mode its still a little pixelated in spots but much better than the standard profile.

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