The other day i downloaded the Age of empires III demo on my eMac 1,25 ghz 256 MB RAM and 32MB VRAM. Obviously the game isn't supposed to run on a computer like mine, though I was willing to try it anyway. When i tried to open it, a message appeared saying that the game requires a 64MB video card. Then i search some forums and apparently there's a way to open the game and ignore the video card detector, which is pressing the 'v' key as opening the game, and it works fine now, it's running faster than i thought, with average graphics. What i would like to know is: does this affect my computer hardware in any way? a friend of mine said it could send a bad file to the hard disk or ROM or something like that and advised me not to play the game, and i stopped cause i'm afraid it might damage my computer. Is my friend right? Did anyone know about this?
Hope someone can help me!