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    Print out comments on Pages or Word 2008
    I have a lot of comments on my document I am writing for school. When I try to print out the page with comments on it, the type ends up small and unreadable. Also only some of the comments are shown. How do I show all of the comments when I am trying to print out the paper?

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    Odd "solution"
    I realize this post is over a year old, but I was trying find the same answer. Searches I did came up with Microsoft Knowledge base articles that did not seem to match what I was seeing on menus in Word. I have Office 2004 for mac and my wife has Office 2008 for Mac. (I choose not to upgrade). I could not print comments in either. The Knowledge base articles where for 2004, but talked about print what and print comment check boxes I could not see. One of them did indicate to turn off the preference in Tracking changes for "use balloons to display changes." This made the balloons go away in the display view also. It then said to select something else somewhere that did not exist. I eventually turned the "use balloons... " back on. I was then surprised to find out I could now print with comments. Don't know why, but same thing worked on both 2004 and 2008. I hope it works for you too.

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    Solution for printing comments in Word
    enable Track changes --> Show --> check only "Comments" to be shown

    in Print dialog box --> change "Copies and Pages" to "Microsoft Word" in the pull down menu below "Presets"

    in the "Print What" pull down menu select "List of Markup"

    click "Show Preview" to make sure it's working


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    printing only comments on Word Mac 2008
    I have been looking around to find a solution and finally figured it out crawling over the Word menus.

    So here it goes:

    You need to have the Toolbar "Reviewing" opened
    On the very left yo have a rolling menu, select "Final Showing Markup"
    On the right of that window, you have an arrow to select what to show, tick only "Comments"
    Go to "File" on the very top menu, select "Print"
    On the extended view of the Print menu window, you have three rolling menus:
    - Printer
    - Preset
    - (no title) that indicates by default: "Copies & Pages"
    Click on that menu and select "Microsoft Word"
    Then comes a new menu "Print What"
    Select "List of Markup"
    Click either "Print" or "PDF"

    Et voilą!


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