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andpr0mises 02-23-2008 01:10 PM

iTunes, cog, and duplicates
okay, so i am in love with my new imac and still trying to organize all of my files. i'm having some trouble with my music transferring from my ipod to my mac.
the first time i tried to load all my music into itunes i saw a lot of duplicates. i deleted all the music.(from itunes library and the mac hd) i downloaded cog because i dont really like itunes for a music player..but i like to update my ipod with the program.

after deleting everything i made a "music" folder..and i loaded all of my music into that folder..and cog reads all of my music as it should. no duplicates. i open itunes and update the library..and now i'm seeing duplicates...and some songs are even tripled.

can anyone help? i'm anal about my music and i hate to see triple songs in itunes..what am i doing wrong?

also, i was using front row as i slept to listen to music and when i woke up i could not exit out of that program. i tried the menu button on the remote and also "escape" on the keyboard but i got nothing. i ended up turning it off by keeping my finger on the power button. i know that can't be good..but i'm still getting used to a is there something like a ctrl+alt+delete function i could use next time?

louishen 02-23-2008 01:27 PM

Have a look in the itunes prefs > advanced

Have you got Keeep my itunes library organised


Copy Music to my itunes folder

those will be making copies of your tunes

andpr0mises 02-23-2008 02:51 PM

you're fabulous..thank you so much!

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