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Thread: is there a list of how many OS X apps are optimized for multi cores?

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    is there a list of how many OS X apps are optimized for multi cores?
    is there a list of how/which OS X applications are optimized for dual processors?

    I need a new mac and am trying figure out whether I should get a macbook pro or want to spend the extra money on a mac pro quad (or eight core). I mostly do design & photography, but i'd like to occasionally convert video and stuff. I don't think I can afford final cut.

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    I don't know of any list.
    The iMac is the desktop equivalent to the MacBook Pro. Their benchmarks are equal. Actually, the iMac is slightly faster due to the 7200RPM drive over the MBP 5400RPM drive. Why not get an iMac if your considering the MBP or Mac Pro so you can afford Final Cut?

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