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Thread: Installing Garageband from Tiger Disk in Leopard?

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    Installing Garageband from Tiger Disk in Leopard?
    I upgraded to Leopard from Tiger, Leopard doesn't include garagband and I don't feel like upgrading to iLife '08. Can I install JUST garageband from my old tiger disks that came with my computer? I tried to but it won't let me without re-installing tiger. Anyone know? Thanks.

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    Use an app called Pacifist and see if you can extract Garageband from one of the installer packages on the Tiger install disk.

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    When you put one of the tiger disks in, a window should open up letting you double click the install tiger icon. In that window you can scroll down, there will be a package called bundle software, install that and you will have all the iLife stuff from when you got your computer.

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    If you only want to install GarageBand, then you can do that using the Customize option in the installer. Insert the first CD from your Tiger discs, run the installer for the software (not the Install Tiger icon), and then when given the choice click the 'Customize' option. That will let you turn on and off all sorts of options (make sure to expand the software options, I think you have to click a little triangle or something).

    I just did it this weekend and did a similar thing. I wanted to only install a few pieces of software, not all the packages.

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