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Thread: iWeb '08 issue and tips

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    iWeb '08 issue and tips
    So I just started using iWeb to make a website for myself and out of nowhere I started having this issue and I searched around and didn't find any info about it. Before, I used to be able to click on my albums and be taken to that album, and then click on a picture in that album and be taken to a closer view of each picture in a gallery. This would occur naturally, w/o having the link enabled click. Now this doesn't work! On any of my albums! And it happened out of nowhere. Idk if this is some sort of bug or something I've done, but I have no idea what to do about it.

    Also, I am trying to make a very un-iweb looking website. I looked for tips for customizing the navigation bar w/o having to use code and having really helpful came up. This may be really obvious to most, but I think it may be a good tip for some so I'll include it. I made my own navigation bar from scratch using one text box field for each button. Then, you had add the links for each box by enabling it and you can also change the color of the box itself so it's "highlighted" on the specific page or topic you are on. Just copy and paste the links and add them to every page. And remember on every page, you have to remove the "include page in navigation menu" because you have essentially made your own. Like I said, it seems obvious in retrospect, but I think a lot of people might benefit from hearing this.

    Also, if anybody has any more tips on how to further customize your page, please post here and share. I don't think anybody really wants a generic, obvious iWeb page anyways.

    I guess this leads me back to my original question. Even though I have no idea what's going on with that, I was thinking of somehow making my own album instead of using the pre-made owns, but the only thing is that I would like people to be able to comment on the pics. Any tips! And also, that download link to allow people to download your pictures doesn't sit well with me. Any tips on that issue! Ideally, I would like to allow comments, but even go so far as to block people to do the left click and download since some pictures are copyrighted material. If that's not possible, I'm just thinking about putting my logo on each pic.

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    so it seems i have a serious clicking problem in general. in iweb 08 i cannot click into the events anymore in the media manager to see into the events.

    and the same is happening now in iphoto!!!

    i can no longer click in the events to see inside them. whats going on?!?! help!

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    i feel slow now, but this is what it was! how retarded!

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