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    mp3 to ogg
    Is there an application that will let me convert mp3 files into ogg files?

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    Audacity should do it. It's freeware.

    Note that if you intend to export as mp3 at some point, you will require a plugin. I think due to legal reasons, the plugin is not supplied with the software.

    Also, people have reported that the app messes with the system sounds for mac. I personally have never experienced this, and it may have been fixed within the software. The developers were aware and I believe they provided a solution and explanation of the cause. Audacity is a great program though, and comes with a whole lot of features - more than a lot of shareware (and in my experience, less stable) alternatives offer.

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    Sox Wrap will do this as well. You can get it at:

    Sox is an open source audio format converter. Sox Wrap is the same thing with a Mac OS X "wrapper" on it. I have used it now and then on my Mac and it works well.
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