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    Compressing video
    Hi, I am very new to Macs, I just purchased a G4 mirror drive from my friend and it has all the usual mac programs including final cut pro (the main reason I bought it) I have a short 4 minute video I recorded with my digital camera and its a big file (278mb) I would like to email this video and was wondering what would be the best way for me to compress it so that it can be emailed. I noticed a program called compressor, followed the vague instructions on how to use it and I get an error message (cannot submit) I soon learned this is an annoying problem for everyone using the mac compressor. Is there another easy to use free compressor program I can use? In the future I would like to purchase a quality compressor program, which one do you people recommend? Can I compress my video in Imovie? does Imovie have its own compression feature or does it use that annoying mac compressor? Thanks for any help you can send me.

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    Did you ever find a decent, free video file compressor? I am in need of one and haven't been able to narrow any down. Thanks.
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