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    iTunes Question
    New to Mac, so be gentle. I just moved all my MP3s to my new mac via flash drive. I put the files into the Music file in the finder. When I opened iTunes, guess what? Right, no music. I ended up importing the music using "add file to library" So far so good. My problem is that I think the music is in two places because my Mac's hd is much fuller than the 13gigs of music should fact it appears by the available space that the entire library is in two places. how do I confirm and correct this?


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    right click any song and click "show in finder" to see if it is anywhere you dont wnat it to be

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    If you have the option "Copy music to the iTunes Music folder" enabled in iTunes, then you will have 2 copies of your songs: one in the Music folder where you put them, the other in the iTunes Music SUBFOLDER of the Music folder where iTunes copied them to.

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