Ive searched for hours, to no avail, with no success... Does anyone know how i can import ratings that are embedded in the tags, into iTunes? I use DJ software to play my music (traktor), and while playing I give it a rating, that is written into the id3 tag. I know iTunes does not read this field, and stores it in the library xml... Do you know any workarounds? Doing it in reverse i just make a smart playlist with itunes (5stars) then import that playlist in traktor, and then embed all the ratings in the tags.

I can export a playlist from traktor, making a 5star playlist, but while importing to itunes, it will import the songs as well, thereby duplicating the files (both use the same library).

Anyone with ideas? Is there a program in which i can make a 5star playlist, export the playlist, and somehow edit the m3u file so that it detects the song within the itunes library?

I don't know if i'm making sense, sure hope so!!

Thanks for your help!!