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    In iPhoto I can see thumbnails of old pictures that were deleted during a crash and I would like to restore them. All the thumbnails are clickable but the large versions do not appear when double clicked. Is there a free way to view my old pics?

    PS: After posting this I read the rules and realized this is not the proper place for this topic. Could someone maybe post how to delete this or a moderator move it?

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    Unfortunately, the thumbnails are probably all that is left. The actual photo was probably deleted.

    Do the following

    Go to

    Home>>Pictures>>iPhoto Library>>Originals

    See if the Full Photos are in there, if not, then try

    Home>>Pictures>>iPhoto Library>>Data

    and see if they are in there.

    Also, if you modified the originals that were lost, you can see if the modified version is in

    Home>>Pictures>>iPhoto Library>>Modified

    Hope at least one of these works out for you,


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