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Thread: Quicktime wont play mpeg-4

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    Quicktime wont play mpeg-4
    hey all

    my quicktime has decided to stop playing video on all of my .mp4 files. The audio play bar pops up and plays, yet the video is nowhere to be seen. This is weird because I watched some of these .mp4s a week ago or so. other file types like .divx, .avi and .mov all work fine but of course apple's mpeg-4 doesn't quite make the cut. any insights into this bizarre behavior?

    I'm using Quicktime Pro version 7.4 (92)


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    7.4 Broke playing of most MP4 files here. I had to go back to 7.3.1 which was quite interesting to go backwards. Before that none of my MP4 files would show the video and just the thin quicktime audio player. There is a whole thread on Apple Discussions about it.

    This URL should help you.

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