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    Can't install Photoshop CS3, had previosly installed CS3/Beta
    I am running Leopard on my MacBook Pro. I had previously installed CS3 Beta and later my friend gave me a installation of his CS3, i.e I copied the CS3 folder on his machine to my application folder. But it was not working (could not open any files).

    Now that I have "Adobe CS3 Design Premium", whenever I try to install, the setup tells me that I already have a Photoshop installation. I deleted everything on my mac with a "CS3"/"Photoshop", all the applications/folders/files. The uninstaller shortcut des not seem to open at all.

    I tried "MacCS3Clean" , But when "CS3clean" script is opened, it crashes.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the the installer to install Photoshop CS3 ? or where to remove the remaining ?

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    If you have a valid copy of CS3, then contact adobe. If it is not a valid copy, then we can not help you here.

    Since I am not for sure the nature of your question. I am closing this thread.
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