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    quicktime 7.4????
    i just DLed the upgrade to get the new quicktime 7.4 and now i can't play my mp4s! there is sound, but there is no video! anybody know why apple decided to get rid of the video support for the mp4 format? is there a plug-in or add-on for me to get it back?

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    I have that issue also. I update 3 out of my 5 Macs that run 10.5.1. All did what you are experiencing. I had to go back to 7.3.1 and the issue went away. It's a problem with 7.4 Quicktime and Apple is aware of it. You have to use Pacifist to install 7.3.1 QT but it can be done. Here is a URL on the Apple Discussion Forums. I followed the instructions in a post there using Pacifist and was able to go back and play my many MP4 files.

    Good Luck.

    Here is another How to fix the issue on MacFixIt.

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