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    Jan 14, 2008
    VLC alternative?

    I am using Leopard on a Macbook.

    I am using VLC to play DivX movies, but whenever I try to watch a movie with subtitles, VLC crashes. When I try to load subtitles into a movie, again it crashes.

    I am really fed up with this, are there any other alternatives to VLC?

    God I miss my BSPlayer on XP, wish someone could adapt it to Mac...


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    I've been using Quicktime and have not needed to look at another player ever since. Just head over to, get the codecs, and enjoy your media the way it was meant to be.

    Get Quicktime Pro for some more powerful viewing.

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    I've also experienced VLC crashing when viewing various media, even normal .avi files. Also when you doubleclick the window to make it fullscreen, it crashes half of the times. Perhaps something the VLC people should look into.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    After starting this thread, I decided to give a try to older VLC versions, before I was using the latest version 0.8.6d.

    I downloaded 0.8.6c and it seems to be working fine now. but the strange thing is, apple remote was working with 0.8.6d, but it is not working with 0.8.6c. well other than this now I can finally watch my movies with subs so thats ok.

    so if someone else also experiences problems with 0.8.6d, I suggest downloading older versions from this adress:

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