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Thread: norton/symantec removal tool

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    Jun 09, 2005
    norton/symantec removal tool
    is there a program to fully remove symantec was giving me some trouble so i deleted it but now everytime i start up my computer it tells me i need to run liveupdate...i can't find anymore symantec files on my hard drive is there anyway to fix this and totally get rid of symantec?? thanks.

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    I just used the removal tool to rid my wife's Thinkpad of the pre-loaded Norton Internet Security suite, and it worked effectively. However, I think the tool is intended just for use on the Wintel PCs.


    As I recall, Norton has separate files for the program and the Live Update. Are you sure you trashed the Live Update program?

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    Jun 09, 2005
    thanks i will try that website...yes I am sure i trashed everything...i even used spotlight to search for all the files...

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    is there a preferences pane for norton still in preferneces

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    no but i went to that website and was able to find a tool for mac and it worked like a charm. thanks again for the info!!!

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Question has nothing to do with Apple Notebook hardware but OS X Applications/Software*

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