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Thread: Address Book data got deleted

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    Address Book data got deleted
    Somehow my Mail and Address Book hanged so I did a Force Quit for both applications. When I opened my Address Book again all the stored files were all deleted except for Apple and my card (as administrator).

    How can I restore all those address? Please help.

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    Did you have a backup?
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    you don't have a .Mac account?
    you don't have a backup of your user folder?
    owch, sorry

    EDIT: aw, Schweb! The mod beating me led me to look harder. Try this, hagios:
    Navigate to User/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/
    Do you see an "" file? What size is it? Do you see an "" file?
    If the first file is small and the second file is large, you could Trash the first file and remove the ".previous" suffix from the second.

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