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travisw 01-19-2008 09:03 PM

An uncompress program besides StuffIt Expander?
I'm trying to open a sitx file but the last time I had stuffIt installed in my Macbook Pro (OS 10.4) it screwed up my Mac with windows randomly closing and other things. I was able to solve it by deleting Stuffit (which took 20 mins because of how many files it installed in my computer). But I can't find any other way to open most uncompressed files...especially sitx. Anyone know?

Or does anyone know if the programs i was having are now fixed? or experienced them and know a solution?

dtownley1 01-19-2008 09:57 PM

that's a weird problem you've been having. I didn't have any problems like that when I used Stuffit. I've discovered that a number of people have been staying away from Stuffit since version 10 (or maybe 11...) because of the registration process it required before the download.

I have a feeling that the number .sitx files is dwindling now, in favour of formats such as .dmg

I now use The Unarchiver (freeware). I'm not entirely sure if it handles sitx files, but it should do everything else for you.

Brown Study 01-19-2008 10:11 PM

Download Stuffit's freebie, Stuffit Expander, from or the like. I might be listed at Stuffit as Judge Crater.

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